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If your beloved pet has been diagnosed with cancer, you want to spend every moment spoiling them and ensuring their final moments are memorable. The holidays are the best time to celebrate your pet with special gifts, but not all gifts are approved for pets who have cancer, especially if the type or treatment causes nausea, vomiting, or other gastrointestinal issues that can flare up with rich treats. This doesn’t mean you can’t lavish them with fabulous gifts designed to keep them warm, comfortable, and happy. Check out our five perfect gifts for pets with cancer.

#1: A heated bed to keep your pet warm all winter

Pets with immune disorders—especially cancer—struggle with thermoregulation and maintaining their body temperature. Gifting your pet a heated bed that is perfect for cozy cat or dog naps will keep them warm all winter. 

K&H has created the ideal collection of heated beds for dogs, cats, and any pets who have poor mobility. Their beds are designed for 24/7 use, with most heating up to a standard pet body temperature, rather than becoming too hot. For pets with mobility issues who need to stay warm, but cannot move off a heated bed on their own, K&H has also designed a bed with an adjustable thermostat to keep them at the ideal temperature. With a comfortable heated bed, your furry pal will have no problems staying toasty warm all winter long.

#2: An advent calendar with easy-to-digest treats for your pet

While your pet may have a sensitive stomach after developing cancer and undergoing treatment, you can still spoil them with tasty treats, but you must choose treats that are easy to digest. Purchase an adorable pet advent calendar that you can stock with treats that are gentle on your pet’s stomach, rather than the typical commercial products laden with sugar, fat, food coloring, and preservatives. Search for treats that are labeled for sensitive stomachs, or cook your own with one of these recipes. If you’re struggling to find treats that your pet can easily digest, discuss options with your family veterinarian or our Pearland Animal Cancer and Referral Center team

#3: That young-at-heart feeling for your pet

Although your pet may be struggling with mobility problems or a painful cancer process, encouraging activity is beneficial for their physical and mental health. A wide variety of interactive toys are available, and you can choose one based on your pet’s preferences. For example, simple dog bones have been upgraded to the interactive toy from Wickedbone, which is programmed to attract your dog’s attention. You can choose between an interactive auto-play mode or controlling the bone with an app-based joystick, which also responds to various types of touch, such as chasing, teasing, or avoiding.

Cats will enjoy a robotic feather wand that winds throughout your home, instigating a game of stalk and pounce. You can enter a sleep mode after 10 minutes of play so your cat won’t be worn out to the point of exhaustion, and their interest will continuously be piqued.

When first offering an interactive toy to your pet, ensure you are home to monitor their play and comfort level. Once you’re satisfied that your pet plays well, you can set the new toy to auto-play for a fun activity when you’re away from home.

#4: A winter wardrobe to keep your pet warm and safe

Despite chilly temperatures, your dog still needs to head outdoors to take care of business. Keep them safe and warm with cold-weather gear that wards off wet fur, a dropping body temperature, and slipping on ice. Check out these waterproof dog booties with an anti-slip sole that will not only help your pet grip slippery surfaces, but also protect them from chemicals, like spilled antifreeze and sidewalk salt. Another great item is a waterproof jacket to protect your pet from melting snow and freezing rain. With proper winter gear, your pet is ready to brave the elements.

#5: Check off an activity on your pet’s bucket list

Sometimes, the best gifts are those that aren’t wrapped, such as the joy of simply spending time together. If you’re struggling to find the perfect gift for your beloved pet this holiday season, look at their bucket list and check off a fun activity, like cutting down a Christmas tree, driving through a light show, or curling up on the couch to watch Rudolph for the hundredth time. No matter the activity, your pet will be delighted with the extra attention during the chaotic holiday season.

Our Pearland Animal Cancer and Referral Center team wishes you and your family—two- and four-legged members—a happy and safe holiday. Remember, we are always here for your pet as you navigate their cancer diagnosis and treatment plan—call us